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I was a good girl back in high school, and most of my hobbies were nerdy. I didn’t go out and party. Instead, I ran track and field, played flute, and rode my bike everywhere. I only started getting sexual in my freshman year of college. I was 18 and had just discovered BDSM. I was eager to explore everything. I decided to let a guy who I had just met online fuck me. I went over to his house and he firecupped me (which left a tiny scar on my inner thigh) and then he decided to fuck me right in front of his fireplace. His dick was enormous and felt so good in my tight virgin pussy. I must have cum at least three times, and after we were finished screwing, he face fucked me and I got to suck a cock for the first time. He came in my throat. That’s one experience I’ll never forget!